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Song Album Date Added Preview
Cave in my Heart
Beautiful cello-bass solo at the end
La Semana Jul 13, 2005
 TAGS: dreamy, cello fuzz bass, distorted bass
Sepia Impressions
First song for t-one 2005.
t-one 2005 Jul 18, 2005
 TAGS: ambient, low bass, slow-moving
Departure Transit Jul 12, 2005
 TAGS: mid-tempo, dreamy, upright bass, bass melody,
Linguo- Transit Jul 13, 2005
 TAGS: uptempo, bass melody, saz, rhodes, ottmar solo on Transit,
Right into Springtime Transit Jul 13, 2005
 TAGS: bossa, gentle, rhodes, bass melody, sax, electric guitar, vibes,
Mali Transit Jul 13, 2005
 TAGS: slide guitar, hammond, bass melody, mid tempo, funk, upright bass,
Lausanne Transit Jul 13, 2005
 TAGS: gentle, dreamy, rhodes, upright bass,
Desert Return Transit Jul 13, 2005
 TAGS: ottmar solo on Transit, upright bass, vibes, slide guitar, bass melody,
Rowe Mesa Transit Jul 13, 2005
 TAGS: cello fuzz bass, distorted bass,
Blues at Dawn Transit Jul 13, 2005
 TAGS: vibes, upright bass, dreamy, jazz
Travelogue Transit 2 Sep 23, 2006
 TAGS: tablas, vibraphone, rhodes, flamenco guitar, ottmar liebert, 6/8, fretless bass,
Mock Heist Transit 2 Sep 23, 2006
 TAGS: upright bass, bongos, jazz, funk,
Night and Time Transit 2 Sep 23, 2006
 TAGS: flamenco guitar, ottmar liebert, fretless bass, djembe, 3/4, funk, vibraphone,
Northbound Transit 2 Sep 23, 2006
 TAGS: flamenco guitar, ottmar liebert, upright bass, djembe, cajon,
Intercontinental Transit 2 Sep 23, 2006
 TAGS: kora, upright bass, djembe,
O Holy Night/Jon's Cello Bass Winter Rose Sep 23, 2005
 TAGS: traditional, holiday, christmas, winter, 2005, cello fuzz bass, bass melody,

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