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Guitarist. Invented the Nouveau Flamenco genre with the album of the same name in 1990. Dislikes genres, loves music. Sold over 5 million albums.

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Song Album Preview
Sand Bare Wood 2002-2012
La Luna Bare Wood 2002-2012
Moonlight Bare Wood 2002-2012
AlhambraJackson Bare Wood 2002-2012
Firelight Bare Wood 2002-2012
Carrousel Bare Wood 2002-2012
Shadow Bare Wood 2002-2012
Up Close Bare Wood 2002-2012
UnderWorld Bare Wood 2002-2012
Remba Bare Wood 2002-2012
Fireopal Bare Wood 2002-2012
Westcoast Bare Wood 2002-2012
Falling In Dune
Shadow Dune
Horse Dune
Bridge, Part 1 Dune
Bridge, Part 2 Dune
Sand (Apophenia) Dune
Prelude: Dancing Alone Dune
Dancing Alone Dune
Smoke (Rising in Spirals) Dune
On the Road to Shiraz Dune
Five Clouds, Lenticular Dune
Night Exhales Dune
Horse Return Dune
Moon Fragrance Dune
Sliding Out Dune
In the Arms of Love In the Arms of Love
Sea of Tranquility In the Arms of Love
When I close my Eyes In the Arms of Love
Dreaming on the Starlight Train In the Arms of Love
Ode 2 the Morning Star In the Arms of Love
Twilight Rain In the Arms of Love
Querencia In the Arms of Love
A Secret Garden In the Arms of Love
Caminar Solo: Walking Alone In the Arms of Love
Quiet Dawn In the Arms of Love
Soft Blue Spiral: The Lull of Falling Waters In the Arms of Love
The Music Box: Dreaming Next 2 U In the Arms of Love
Waves of Sound In the Arms of Love
Tangos Rhythm
La Semana
La Luna
Beautiful Ballad and my favorite song on the album
La Semana
Jean Cocteau time-travels to the Alhambra during an opium dream. Read the story OBO
La Semana
Caballada - a herd of horses...
La Semana
Inspired by Funk/Paul Jackson and Spain/Alhambra
La Semana
Spring Rain
Tangos Rhythm
La Semana
Longing (6against4)
6/8 verses contrast with the 4/4 chori
La Semana
UnderWorld La Semana
Cave in my Heart
Beautiful cello-bass solo at the end
La Semana
Echoes of a Caress
This piece represents the memory of a touch that echoes through my mind.
La Semana
Evening (Languid Pace) La Semana
Market Day
Extra track not available on regular CD
La Semana
Caipirinha means literally "little country hick", which means that Caipira must be the regular country hick...The best Cachaxa comes from farms in the Brazilian coutryside where people make their own...
La Semana
Bikers #3
this is a new digital mix from March 2009
Twilight Rain (Red Moon Version)
OL remix of lullaby from In the Arms of Love
Sao Paulo (Bass in my Pocket)
Canton's remix of a song from The Santa Fe Sessions
In the Arms of Love (1982 Fragment)
OL remix of song from In the Arms of Love with electric guitar looping coda
Quiet Dawn (Spacedrops Version)
Canton's remix of a lullaby from In the Arms of Love
Not One, Not Two (JHR) One Guitar
Beginnings (DH) One Guitar
Along This Road: Kono Michi (YV) One Guitar
At Ambapali's Grove (MZ) One Guitar
Night Traveling Raindrops (BB)
Nachtreisende Regentropfen
One Guitar
This Spring Release 10,000 Butterflies One Guitar
Thunder, and the wind plays with a leaf One Guitar
Red Desert Sky (Unresolved) One Guitar
Sapo (Old Man nods his Head) One Guitar
We Begin Again, Again (Moments in TIme) One Guitar
Looking West Until the Train Disappears (Ode to MagLev) One Guitar
Out of the Blue One Guitar
Letting Go (MC) One Guitar
Jump Petals On the Path
Blue by Blue Petals On the Path
Dancing Alone Petals On the Path
On the Road to Shiraz Petals On the Path
Future Green Petals On the Path
Tokyo After Midnight Petals On the Path
Backwards Firefly Petals On the Path
Cedar Smoke Petals On the Path
Empty Fields Petals On the Path
Sixteen Hours Petals On the Path
Garden at Dusk Petals On the Path
Up Close: Beginning The Scent of Light
Streetlight (Marseille, August 1999) The Scent of Light
Silence: No More Longing (Utah, May 2005) The Scent of Light
Firelight (Granada, February 1992) The Scent of Light
Morning Light (Kham, October 2006) The Scent of Light
The River: Writing in Water (India, November 1978) The Scent of Light
Candlelight (Xiao Rem, February 2008) The Scent of Light
Three Days Without You The Scent of Light
Moonlight (Köln, April 2007) The Scent of Light
Up Close: Embrace The Scent of Light
dawncolor three-oh-five
treestone three-oh-five
fireopal three-oh-five
mindcherry three-oh-five
knifeflower three-oh-five
skytone three-oh-five
quietrainmoss three-oh-five
seesalt three-oh-five
evenmistsword three-oh-five
cloudbark three-oh-five
barcloud three-oh-five
Untitled Rumba
This rumba was recorded for La Semana, but didn't fit the mood I wanted for the album.
Untitled Opium
This piece was written for Opium, but a different mix ended up on t-one1996
Improvised at 7:10PM on September 2nd, 2005. Originally recorded at 24/96k. No EQ, no compression - totally pure.
Dreaming on the Starlight Train
Dreamy remix of the song from "In the Arms of Love"
Binaural Dummy Head Recording
Up Close
La Luna
Binaural Dummy Head Recording
Up Close
Binaural Dummy Head Recording
Up Close
The River
Binaural Dummy Head Recording
Up Close
Sao Paulo
Binaural Dummy Head Recording
Up Close
Silence (Excerpt)
Binaural Dummy Head Recording
Up Close
Three Days Without You
Binaural Dummy Head Recording
Up Close
Up Close
Binaural Dummy Head Recording
Up Close
Binaural Dummy Head Recording
Up Close
Entrance and Tuning
Binaural Dummy Head Recording
Up Close
composed by G. Faure
Winter Rose
O Little Town of Bethlehem/City of Tijuana
Combining a slow traditional Christmas song with a new latin piece.
Winter Rose
Westcoast (for Snake) Winter Rose
Le Café (Arabian Dance)
Tchaikovsky's famous piece from The Nutcracker
Winter Rose
Away in a Manger/Fiesta 05 Winter Rose
The Longest Night
The Longest Night, the shortest day, Winter Solstice
Winter Rose
Kora/River of Stars Winter Rose
Les Roses D'Isphahan
Beautiful composition by G. Faure
Winter Rose
Bells/Coda: Christmas Eve at Friar Fripp's
5+5+5+6 = 21/8. The coda is a tribute to guitarist Robert Fripp
Winter Rose
O Holy Night/Jon's Cello Bass Winter Rose
A Sweet Persimmon (December 8th)
December 8th is the birthday of Gautama Buddha.
Winter Rose
Winter Blue Winter Rose
Le Café (Snow)
A different mix of Le Café contains the sound of me walking through the snow from my house to the studio.
Winter Rose

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