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Review of Thira

Stephen's first album

On this, Stephen Duros' excellent first album for Ottmar Liebert's Spiral Subwave Records Int'l, you can hear the Mediterranean vibe behind the gitano/techno/ambient orchestration. Thira - in acuality a location in the Greek isles associated with Atlantis - is nouveau flamenco, but with an eastern Mediterranean feel: the sense of dusky light and shipwrecks in the Aegean, the lonely sirens calling out to their drowned lovers. Romanticism and the call of history and lost cicilizations. While the synth textures & background make this music sound contemporary, it's the call and response between the flamenco guitar & the oud that set the mindscapes way back in ancient history.


1. Sahar 3:29
2. Thira 5:39
3. Slow Motion - Underwater 4:18
4. Indigo 5:10
5. Aegea (for Kara) 6:13
6. Spiral - Beneath the Surface 5:30
7. Lavender 5:08
8. Azhar: Shadows on the Sand 5:03
9. Seven Wonders of the Ancient World 6:31
10. Aegia - Reprise 1:42
11. Arrival 5:46
12. Sahar - Reprise 1:10

Writing + Publishing

All music written by Stephen Duros.
Published by Stephen Duros Music/Luna Negra Music/BMI and administered by Holland Walk Muse/BMI


Producer: Stephen Duros

Engineer: Stephen Duros

Studio: Studio 490 in North Hollywood, CA

Mastering: Jon Gagan @ The Electric Company, Santa Fe

Mixed by: Stephen Duros

Mix Medium: Digital

Record Medium: Digital

Stephen Duros - Flamenco Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion & Oud
Ottmar Liebert - Flamenco Guitar on Thira
Ryan Nash - Bass Guitar on Lavender
Dan Sistos - Flamenco Guitar on Arrival

Design by Michael Motley
Photos by Stephen Duros and Ottmar Liebert

Stephen Played a Flamenco Guitar by German Vazquez Rubio

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