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Ambient Gourd
Swelling strings, some lucky wind chimes, and a distant accordion. (From "The Gourd Transmissions")
Trip Electronic Ambient Gourd
Girl in the Bubble
Spiraling three-handed piano levitates over a delicate sub-bass and strings
Trip Electronic Girl in the Bubble
Lewd Day
Growling groove bass and snappy drums plus a couple of free-floating melodic breaks
Trip Electronic Lewd Day
Spiraling arpeggios, deep grooving drums, dark mysterious strings & radio broadcasts
Trip Electronic Theater
Birmingham Forty Three
Deep jazzy breaks based around a radio broadcast of a weather report
Trip Electronic Birmingham Forty Three
Invisible Space Journeys
Jazzy drum 'n' bass feat. electric piano by Benjamin "Zoggo" Lewis
Trip Electronic Invisible Space Journeys
Galactic techno.
Trip Electronic Solstice

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