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Urban Flamenco MP3 Files

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"My third album takes the listener on a journey around the world and combines elements of Flamenco guitar with the sounds of my early musical influences from the 70's and 80's."
- Stephen Duros

Get the entire album in MP3 format
(128/192/320 Kbps quality)
This version of the album includes MP3 versions of the songs in various bitrates (128/192/320) and also 24-bit High Definition FLAC files. HD/FLAC files are only available when purchasing the entire album like this.

Note: Not all MP3 playing devices or software can play FLAC formatted music, but this offers a quality that far surpasses that of MP3 and even 16-bit 44Khz CD.
Song Track no. Preview
Sunrise in Nagoya 1 Sunrise in Nagoya
Sky of Pearls 2 Sky of Pearls
Shades of Red 3 Shades of Red
Bittersweet / City Rain 4 Bittersweet / City Rain
One Night in Paris 5 One Night in Paris
It's Electric / City Lights 6 It's Electric / City Lights
The Undiscovered 7 The Undiscovered
Vagabond 8 Vagabond
Locarno 9 Locarno
Ashes and Wind 10 Ashes and Wind
In the Hand of Life 11 In the Hand of Life
Midnight in Manhattan 12 Midnight in Manhattan

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