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t-one 2005 MP3 Files

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Work in progress.

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This version of the album includes MP3 versions of the songs in various bitrates (128/192/320) and also 24-bit High Definition FLAC files. HD/FLAC files are only available when purchasing the entire album like this.

Note: Not all MP3 playing devices or software can play FLAC formatted music, but this offers a quality that far surpasses that of MP3 and even 16-bit 44Khz CD.
Song Track no. Preview
Sepia Impressions
First song for t-one 2005.
1 Sepia Impressions
10,000 Butterflies Redux
Reworking of "This Spring Release 10,000 Butterflies" from the album One Guitar
2 10,000 Butterflies Redux

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