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Unreleased MP3 Files

This is a collection of misfits, songs that for one reason or another were not released on the albums they were recorded for. They have waited patiently for their chance to be heard.

Get the entire album in MP3 format
(128/192/320 Kbps quality)
This version of the album includes MP3 versions of the songs in various bitrates (128/192/320) and also 24-bit High Definition FLAC files. HD/FLAC files are only available when purchasing the entire album like this.

Note: Not all MP3 playing devices or software can play FLAC formatted music, but this offers a quality that far surpasses that of MP3 and even 16-bit 44Khz CD.
Song Track no. Preview
Untitled Rumba
This rumba was recorded for La Semana, but didn't fit the mood I wanted for the album.
1 Untitled Rumba
Untitled Opium
This piece was written for Opium, but a different mix ended up on t-one1996
2 Untitled Opium
Improvised at 7:10PM on September 2nd, 2005. Originally recorded at 24/96k. No EQ, no compression - totally pure.
4 0509021910
Dreaming on the Starlight Train
Dreamy remix of the song from "In the Arms of Love"
5 Dreaming on the Starlight Train

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