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La Semana MP3 Files

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On this album I used a more traditional instrumentation. Instead of playing multiple acoustic and electric guitars and lutes, I played a single Flamenco Negra guitar. Instead of lots of drums and percussion, I mostly used the cajon (boxdrum) and Palmas (handclaps). I used no synthesizers at all.

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This version of the album includes MP3 versions of the songs in various bitrates (128/192/320) and also 24-bit High Definition FLAC files. HD/FLAC files are only available when purchasing the entire album like this.

Note: Not all MP3 playing devices or software can play FLAC formatted music, but this offers a quality that far surpasses that of MP3 and even 16-bit 44Khz CD.
Song Track no. Preview
Tangos Rhythm
1 Carrousel
La Luna
Beautiful Ballad and my favorite song on the album
2 La Luna
Jean Cocteau time-travels to the Alhambra during an opium dream. Read the story OBO
3 Cocteau
Caballada - a herd of horses...
4 Caballada
Inspired by Funk/Paul Jackson and Spain/Alhambra
5 AlhambraJackson
Spring Rain
Tangos Rhythm
6 Spring Rain
Longing (6against4)
6/8 verses contrast with the 4/4 chori
7 Longing (6against4)
UnderWorld 8 UnderWorld
Cave in my Heart
Beautiful cello-bass solo at the end
9 Cave in my Heart
Echoes of a Caress
This piece represents the memory of a touch that echoes through my mind.
10 Echoes of a Caress
Evening (Languid Pace) 11 Evening (Languid Pace)
Market Day
Extra track not available on regular CD
12 Market Day
Caipirinha means literally "little country hick", which means that Caipira must be the regular country hick...The best Cachaxa comes from farms in the Brazilian coutryside where people make their own...
13 Caipira

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