One Guitar

Nominated for a 2007 Grammy

Music that is haunting in its beauty and depth. Highly recommended!
- Ken Wilber

Ottmar Liebert's new CD of solo acoustic guitar - the ghosts of Spanish flamenco within the dreamscapes of the New World. One Guitar: 13 tracks of contemplation, meditation, exhalation, levitation... and exquisite solitude. -


1. Not One, Not Two (JHR) 5:14
2. Beginnings (DH) 2:55
3. Along This Road: Kono Michi (YV) 3:40
4. At Ambapali's Grove (MZ) 3:19
5. Night Traveling Raindrops: Nachtreise... 2:56
6. The Spring Release 10,000 Butterflies 6:03
7. Thunder, and the Wind Plays with a Leaf 1:41
8. Red Desert Sky (Unresolved) 5:10
9. Sapo (Old Man Nods His Head) 4:13
10. We Begin Again, Again (Moments in Time) 3:05
11. Looking West Until the Train Disappea... 2:51
12. Out of the Blue 4:11
13. Letting Go (MC) 4:11

Writing + Publishing

All music written by OL.
Published by Luna Negra Music/BMI + administered by Holland Walk Muse

Nominated for a 2007 Grammy


Producer: OL

Engineer: OL

Studio: Oto-Mare, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Mastering: Oto-Mare, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Mixed by: OL

Mix Medium: Digital

Record Medium: Digital

OL - Flamenco Negra

OL played a Flamenco Negra guitar by Lester DeVoe. He uses D'Addario strings, Shure microphones + in-ear monitors.