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Dune MP3 Files

DUNE contains the haunting southwest border-country Flamenco that Ottmar Liebert and his band Luna Negra are famous for. This isn’t your old school Flamenco. Acoustic guitars mix with electric, gypsy accordion, electric bass, funky drum-boxing and percussion. There’s no rain in this music, just poetic sunshine at midnight.
“I wanted to play guitar melodies that sounded sung”, says Ottmar. “For some reason I kept thinking about old jazz and pop crooners. So I sang almost every melody first and then figured out how to play it on guitar.

Get the entire album in MP3 format
(128/192/320 Kbps quality)
This version of the album includes MP3 versions of the songs in various bitrates (128/192/320) and also 24-bit High Definition FLAC files. HD/FLAC files are only available when purchasing the entire album like this.

Note: Not all MP3 playing devices or software can play FLAC formatted music, but this offers a quality that far surpasses that of MP3 and even 16-bit 44Khz CD.
Song Track no. Preview
Falling In 1 Falling In
Shadow 2 Shadow
Horse 3 Horse
Bridge, Part 1 4 Bridge, Part 1
Bridge, Part 2 5 Bridge, Part 2
Sand (Apophenia) 6 Sand (Apophenia)
Prelude: Dancing Alone 7 Prelude: Dancing Alone
Dancing Alone 8 Dancing Alone
Smoke (Rising in Spirals) 9 Smoke (Rising in Spirals)
On the Road to Shiraz 10 On the Road to Shiraz
Five Clouds, Lenticular 11 Five Clouds, Lenticular
Night Exhales 12 Night Exhales
Horse Return 13 Horse Return
Moon Fragrance 14 Moon Fragrance
Sliding Out 15 Sliding Out

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